Welcome back!

I know, I know. It’s to be expected to wear floral prints during spring. But truth be told, they will never go out of style. And after so many weeks of bad weather and gloomy days, it’s a nice change of spirits to be able to wear some cute prints.

However, I still decided to incorporate a lot of black into my outfit. Anyone who’s like me and enjoys wearing dark colors knows you can somehow find a way to wear black during any time of the year. Truth is, a very basic top and a pair of colorful, flowy pants are always going to make for an good and effortless outfit. If you’re feeling brave, you can even hop on the monochromatic trend and wear different shades of the same color all over – just make sure the clothes give the outfit a clear structure.

[ C H V R C H E S – T H E  M O T H E R  W E  S H A R E ]










Photos by Bogdan Botaş

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