Welcome back!

I know I haven’t exactly been the most consistent blogger out there, but I’m glad that finally I have a bit of time to dedicate to the blog and create the content I’ve been planning to. And trust me, since it’s been an almost two month long hiatus there was enough time to gather inspiration and new ideas, so I promise there are many more posts to come in the near future!

Now, a little bit about the outfit. Although it’s technically spring, at night it’s still quite cold outside so I had to take a warmer suede jacket. However, since I have thing for graphic tees, I paired it with this oversized Star Wars t-shirt. I love the colors of it and the little chains added as a detail, and it goes well with the leather skirt (honestly, for me, this is an ideal outfit for going out).

Also the glasses – transparent accessories are the one of the biggest trends of the season. So be it glasses with transparent frames, plastic belts or transparent backpacks/bags, it can be a nice, interesting touch to an outfit. They give off a futuristic vibe that can revive looks you would otherwise consider bland.

[ N U A G E S – C L O S E R ]









Photos by Bogdan BotaลŸ

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