Not so long ago, I was mentioning in a previous post about how I’m planning to do a shoot that revolves around college fashion. And it finally happened! Waking up early in the morning to get inside a cafe around opening time so you can do a photoshoot is no easy task, but we managed to do it nonetheless. For this post, I wanted to collab with Alina Lazăr (you can find her awesome insta here), as I think our styles fit together quite nicely.

Our outfits were composed of pretty much the same elements: starting with warm jumpers and high-waisted/distressed mom cut jeans, golden earrings and completing with black combat boots and black belts. Those are the kind of comfortable and casual outfits that are perfect to wear to classes during this season. And let’s be honest, when you barely got 4 hours of sleep the night before, it’s not like you have all the energy or inspiration to always think up of outfits. However, this type of style looks effortless and put together at the same time, and it’s composed of some of the most essential/basic pieces that everyone has in their wardrobe.










Photos by Mihai Dohotariu

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