hoodies heels streetwear

Lately my interest in streetwear/street fashion in general has grown surprisingly much. This type of fashion has seen a huge boom in the last years, and it’s almost impossible not to get involved in it. There are so many ways to look stylish and comfortable at the same time!

But today I am not going to talk about being comfortable, as I will talk about wearing heels. Some heels are just so pretty that I honestly can’t help but buy them, but be aware that everytime I wear a pair I’m suffering on the inside. Deeply. However, those over the knee black boots are to die for, as they can complement almost any outfit! So I decided to try out something a little bit different and pair them with an embellished hoodie dress. I totally recommend this kind of dress if you’re looking for a different kind of hoodie, as the detailing on the strings is quite effective. The contrast between this casual dress and the heeled boots works out great.



long hoodie embellished streetwear

streetwear oversized hoodie embellished

long hoodie faux fur coat streetwear

faux fur coat streetwear hoop earrings

Photos by Mihai Dohotariu

 Get the look:

[ Hoodie ] [ Boots ] [ Jacket ] [ Earrings ]

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