Welcome back! I am a little bit late with this post as I was planning to publish it yesterday morning, but I ended up sleeping in and decided to tweak it up a bit too and publish it today instead. It’s been brought up by pretty much everyone already how this year’s edition of Electric Castle Festival was amazing, but that doesn’t stop me to add up to the bunch of articles about it and praise the festival some more, because in all honesty it’s my favorite festival and it deserves all the love in the world. Every year it just gets better.

The weather was friendlier this year, which finally let me be a little bit more creative with the outfits, as past editions I had to wear a raincoat over pretty much everything so that took away from the fun of dressing up for a festival. I mean, as soon as summer kicks in, you see festival outfits ideas plastered everywhere on the internet and it’s very refreshing to be actually able to try out some of these ideas. Nevertheless, here are some of my favorite pictures from this edition x

electric castle festival outifts

festival outfit summer

festival outfit idea summer

festival outfit summer


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