black outfit

If you’re anything like me and your closet consists of mostly black pieces, then you’re probably struggling a lot during summer because on one hand, you still want to incorporate your favorite black pieces into your outfits but on the other hand, you don’t want to get a heat stroke. So I’m going to leave here a few tips on what I do basically everytime warmer weather comes around and want to maintain my style:

  1. DRESSES AND SKIRTS. I absolutely love those casual long, black dresses and skirts because they are both pretty and comfortable. Since the bottom part is more flowy, it lets the skin breathe, and you’ll overall feel much better than in a tight dress.




(The weather jacket is totally optional and most of the times not even needed in such temperatures but as usual it was raining on the day of shooting)

2.ACCESSORIES. In my honest opinion, accessories can save an outfit in case you’re feeling that it’s too plain or simple. I usually add either a statement belt (they’re awesome, I recommend you have at least one of them) or a necklace. The great part is that you can go wild and add any kind you want, since black goes with everything.

    3.LOW CUT SLEEVELESS SHIRTS OR CROP TOPS. Instead of wearing a shirt, opt for one of those two options; the tops with huge armholes are perfect for warm weather, since they’re very breathable. And same goes for crop tops – it goes without saying that because they’re much tinier, they won’t suck up the same amount of heat a regular shirt will.

black outfit

black outfit

summer outfir

summer outfit

summer outfit

summer outfit

Photos by dhdesigns


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