So this last weekend I went on a short family trip to Prague, a city I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time now. And since I can say I was quite impressed with the city itself I decided to do a little blog post dedicated to it. Kind of like a postcard post (this sounds a bit weird). This time it’s gonna be all typical tourist photos, because this is all I could manage on the go with an iPhone and my I-don’t-need-any-tutorials-to-tell-me-what-to-do Photoshop editing skills. With that being said, enjoy!





Those were taken on the Charles Bridge, which is pretty much the main tourist attraction of the city, meant to connect the Old Town part to the Lesser Town part. The view, the statues and also the performers (there were about 4 of them there) were all amazing, I loved the lively vibe there was to it. I think the only thing about it that I didn’t like so much was the fact that it was extremely crowded and it was kind of difficult to move around, but it’s to be expected given how visited this place is.





(if those are not aesthetically pleasing then I don’t know what is)



8 10

I had to wear my winter coat on the second day because it got a bit cold, but in all honesty nothing surprises me anymore since back home, on the day we were leaving, it started to snow pretty badly. So I told myself I might as well be prepared because seasons are a concept that mean nothing to mother nature now.

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos x

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