Hello there,

I’ve been thinking for quite some time what should my first blog post be about, since I wanted a topic that would be a bit different from what is usually seen on fashion blogs, so I decided on two things:

Firstly, I decided to do something kpop related since it’s a genre of music that has, in the past few years, gained a lot of popularity outside of Asia and has shown a great influence in fashion too, starting with the campaigns of well-known idols such as CL or G-Dragon. The outfits I chose for these photos though, are mostly inspired by BLACKPINK’s outfits in music videos. (no but really now, I’ve been obsessed with kpop since I was 13, time to give it the love it deserves). This style is all about baggy/flowy tops, denim coats and accessories so it’s perfect for spring.

Secondly, I wanted to do a collaboration, and a few months ago I discovered Paul’s blog and it caught my attention immediately because of his kpop related post and the way he approached the topic, so I knew right away I wanted to work with him. His blog offers a unique vision in terms of mens styling but presents at the same time the perspective of a young fashion designer in the making. You can see the photoshoots, creations, outfits and future projects on his blog here and on Instagram at paul.palm






Now if you ask me, I think I would fit pretty nicely in a kpop music video (well, that if, you know, I were asian, or had the voice for it, or the dancing skills involved, but other than that why not)




Those last few photos were kind of a teaser for what’s coming up in part 2, which is gonna appear very soon.

Special thanks to Patricia Tomas for the photos and to Ilinca Baruch for my make-up.



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